Diversity and discrimination most important issues facing Australia, say multicultural youth: MY Australia Census

June 13, 2018

"The majority of refugee and migrant young Australians feel strongly that they belong here, despite almost half experiencing some form of discrimination or unfair treatment in the past twelve months," write Professor Johanna Wyn, Dr Rimi Khan and Dr Babak Dadvand, University of Melbourne, about the findings of Australia's first multicultural youth census. 

Findings of the census, in which CMY is a partner, suggest that 'despite facing numerous challenges', young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds ‘are driven by hope and optimism’ and ‘expressed confidence in their ability to achieve their goals’. 


The Multicultural Youth Australia Census is the first nation-wide study of Australia’s multicultural youth. It provides a comprehensive account of how young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds are faring in different spheres of life.

MY Australia multicultural youth census 

The Census is a collaboration between the University of Melbourne and eight community organisations and government agencies including CMY.

1920 young people aged 15-25 from refugee and migrant backgrounds took part in the Census which was conducted in September-October 2017.

The participants were from 91 different countries. More than three-quarters (77%) were born overseas, 18% were Australian born with at least one parent born overseas and 5% were Australian born with both parents born in Australia.

MY Australia Census Findings Infographic

Download Infographic: Wyn, J., Khan, R., & Dadvand, B. (2018). Multicultural Youth Australia Census 2017 Infographic Report. Melbourne, Australia: Youth Research Centre, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, the University of Melbourne.