My Past, My Present, My Future

On 9th September 2014, CMY celebrated 25 years of service to multicultural young people across Victoria. To mark this occassion, CMY held a symposium that brought together some of Australia’s foremost academics alongside dynamic young leaders to present a view of young people’s lives now and in the future.

The cultural diversity of Australia’s youth has changed dramatically over the last quarter century, particularly in Victoria. Yet the key issues remain resolutely the same – housing, education, employment and racism. Influenced by an increasingly globalised and interconnected world, the proportion of population born overseas could rise from a quarter to as much as a half over the next 25 years. How will these changes effect policy development and service delivery?

Speakers on the day provided the latest analysis for creating responsive programs and policies that will assist with early intervention and prevention when working with young people from diverse backgrounds. 

Prof. Johanna Wyn

The University of Melbourne

PDF iconWhat We Know and What We Don’t Know About Young People - Prof. Johanna Wyn.pdf

Download audio here.

Prof. Yin Paradies

Deakin University

PDF iconHow Are Multicultural Youth Faring - Prof. Yin Paradies.pdf

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Travers McLeod

CEO, Centre for Policy Development

PDF iconChallenges Ahead for Young People - Travers McLeod.pdf

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Sefita Rasolosolo

Sefita has been involved with CMY in the past as a youth facilittaor for the Our Patch project. He's a member of the Wyndham Youth Task Force and produced this video to capture the voices of multicultural young Victorians.