Lead Yourself, Lead Others (LYLO) - Leadership Training for Young Women

Lead Yourself Lead Others (LYLO) is a young women's empowerment program focused on addressing issues facing young women from migrant and refugee backgrounds in Melbourne's West.

LYLO is a program by multicultural young women, for multicultural young women, which explores the intersection of racism, discrimination and gender in the creation of barriers to leadership and opportunity.

LYLO seeks to:

  • identify barriers to young women from refugee and migrant backgrounds becoming leaders in their own lives, in their local community and in the broader Australian society
  • create a platform for young women to connect, collaborate and demonstrate acts of leadership
  • share experiences of young women with their cultural and peer groups and the wider community

Young women in LYLO will have the opportunity to:

  • develop and consolidate their leadership and project-management skills
  • stand up and speak out so they are recognised more broadly as the true leaders that they are or can be within the community.

Through the program we hope to identify and inspire the next generation of multicultural social change leaders: young women who are comfortable and courageous in leadership. It will be an opportunity for multicultural young women to come together to share their unique stories and experiences and to learn about leadership.

This program is delivered in partnership with Our Watch Australia.


For more info, please contact CMY's Youth Leadership team on (03) 9340 3700 or email youthleadership@cmy.net.au