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Are you an employer looking to...

  • Access talented and skilled job applicants to find the right staff for your business needs.
  • Provide an opportunity for a young person with different strengths but the same aspirations.
  • Increase cultural diversity and cultural understandings in your workplace.
  • Receive ongoing support after initial placement to ensure lasting employability.

The Employment Empowers program can connect you with young people who are work-ready and highly motivated. Hiring a young person from a refugee or migrant background is a good way to bring new skills and different ideas in to your workplace, invest in employees who are eager to give back, and increase cultural diversity.

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How it works

An important part of the Employment Empowers program is the work we do with employers. CMY partners with businesses who are looking to find the right staff for their workplace and who would like to provide a job opportunity to a young person who is eager to work and learn.

We value the relationships we have established with local businesses and our goal is to provide the best possible match for both the worker and employer.

What you can expect

When screening potential applications, we firstly consider your business needs, taking a very personalized approach to ensure we are putting forward the best possible candidates that we have for the role.

All of the young people participating in Employment Empowers have been interviewed by our team to determine work readiness and possession of full work rights in Australia.

We also provide support post-placement, for both the young person and the business, to ensure lasting employability. Young people participating in the program are matched with a volunteer mentor, who works 1:1 with the young person to support their transition to a new work environment and help them overcome any challenges they may face.

We encourage employers to contact the Employment Empowers team directly if any ongoing assistance is required.

If you are looking for staff or would like to chat further about the program and the work we do, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

For more information, please contact the Employment Empowers team on:
T: (03) 9340 3700  E: 

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