Enterprising Wyndham Vale

Enterprising Wyndham Vale

In 2017, eighteen (18) local entrepreneurs from the Wyndham municipality participated in the Enterprising Wyndham Vale program. Participants attended 14-weekly sessions, starting off with a 2-day intensive, where they shared and learned about business related topics ranging from Minimum Viable Product to Next Steps in their business. The table below outlines key dates and topics that participants engaged in.

Enterprising Wyndham Vale was designed to support participants with the development of a business plan specific to each business. The program also engaged with established local business owners as mentors for the emerging entrepreneurs during the intensive period and to provide some post-program support to keep up the momentum.

Towards the end of October, participants came together with family, friends, mentors, community members and local businesses to celebrate their achievements from their participation in the program. The event was formalized as a graduation ceremony, where participants pitched their businesses to the audience, received certificates and prizes.




For more on the Graduation Night, read Mehak Sheikh's blogpost about it. To find out more about the participants and their businesses, click here.

Participant Pauline from La Cruz Writes has shared her experience of the program below.

Contact enterprising@cmy.net.au for more information or call 9340 3735. 

If you haven’t already joined the Enterprising Wyndham Facebook group, it is a great way to stay connected to this thriving community.


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