Enterprising Tarneit

What is Enterprising Tarneit

Piloted in 2016, the Enterprising Tarneit project aimed to create new employment opportunities in Tarneit by helping community members to develop, plan, and implement businesses ideas. It built on small business knowledge, skills and capacity, introduced mentors, networks and resources to help Tarneit locals turn their ideas into businesses.

Developed in partnership with Wyndham City Council, the Scanlon Foundation and the Centre for Multicultural Youth the program was a success and will be recreated in Wyndham Vale in 2017.


Why was it needed

Consultations with the Tarneit community highlighted issues with unemployment and a lack of support and clear pathways to work and further education. Tarneit is experiencing unparalleled growth and the population is expected to double to reach 39,907 people by 2021 increasing the need for local employment opportunities. Growth means new and emerging demand for local services and opportunities for establishing businesses that service the community.




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