Enterprising Wyndham

Enterprising Wyndham is a community-based employment generation project that was developed in partnership with Wyndham City Council, the Scanlon Foundation and the Centre for Multicultural Youth. A three year pilot has recently concluded in the City of Wyndham across three fast growing, diverse communities. 

Through a business startup intensive, local residents are equipped with business fundamentals and through a peer learning environment that creates mutual support for their entrepreneurial journey. Participants are matched with mentors who work with them to develop a business plan for their business idea or early stage startup. 

The program empowers local entrepreneurs by increasing their business knowledge, skills, networks and confidence. The program is social inclusion oriented, with participants reflecting the diversity of the community and providing opportunities for those who may not access to mainstream services.

Inspiring Enterprising Communities in your area

The Enterprising Program has developed a guide for local government leaders and other interested organisations, with the aim of inspiring Councils to explore how this program might run in their own communities.

It harnesses the success and knowledge gained through the three year pilot - providing an introduction to the program, practical planning information and insights into how the program operates, and case studies of some of the business initiatives which have been implemented over the past three years. 

To find out more about the future of this program and how to bring it to your community, please contact CMY.  

To find out more about the pilot program, download the Enterprising Program guide.