National Youth Settlement Framework

Supporting young people in their settlement journey: National Youth Settlement Framework

The National Youth Settlement Framework is an evidence-based guide designed to help workers understand and respond to the needs of newly arrived young people in their settlement journey. CMY offers a practical, one-day training session using activities and case studies for staff to explore the guide and its application to practice.

The framework contains four sections:

  • Exploring the refugee and migration experience for adolescents
  • Understanding the Australian settlement context
  • Supporting good youth settlement through active citizenship
  • Facilitating good practice in youth settlement

PLEASE NOTE: This training takes place over TWO sessions:
Part 1 Monday 16 November, 9.30am – 1pm AND
Part 2 Monday 23rd November, 9.30am- 1pm.

Please attend both sessions. There is a single payment of $90 which covers both.

Delivered remotely via Zoom. Register via Eventbrite.