Culturally Sustaining Schools – August

FREE Information Session for school staff

This free 45 minute public session provides an overview of the approach taken in the Culturally Sustaining Schools training for those interested in organising training for school staff.

Culturally Sustaining Schools is a half-day workshop for school staff which introduces a shared vision of teaching and learning that builds on student strengths, fosters positive identities, and sustains the diversity of cultures. The session is co-facilitated by a CMY staff member and a young person of refugee or migrant background (where possible).

Topics covered by Culturally Sustaining Schools include:

  • The benefits of culturally sustaining schools
  • Concepts of culture and identity
  • Barriers to culturally sustaining schools
  • Empowering student, family and community voice
  • Engaging in cultural self-reflection
  • Steps for building a shared vision of teaching and learning

NOTE: An email with the Zoom link will be sent two days before the session.