Culturally Responsive Practice – parts 1 & 2

Working with young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

This training explores the essential skills and knowledge required for effective work with young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds, their families and communities.

The training program includes two modules:

Culturally Responsive Practice
Explore concepts of culture and identity, learn about the cultural competency framework, reflect on cross-cultural interactions and communication skills and identify and apply cultural competency practice strategies to support effective work with young people.

Young People and Settlement
Identify key pre-settlement experiences for young people, particular those with a refugee background, explore factors which impact on good settlement for young people, identify and apply strategies for supporting good settlement.

PLEASE NOTE: This training takes place online over TWO sessions:
Part 1 Wednesday 15th June, 9.30-1pm AND
Part 2 Wednesday 22nd June, 9.30-1pm

Please attend both sessions.