Settle Smart

Settle Smart is a leadership project that connects young people and empowers those who are newly arrived to Australia.

CMY offers FREE and interactive information sessions for newly arrived young people aged 12-25 years across metropolitan Melbourne.

The Settle Smart information sessions cover a range of topics and have been designed by young volunteers from migrant and refugee backgrounds. Drawing on their own experiences of settlement, these young Peer Educators introduce basic information valuable for life in Australia using an engaging combination of presentations and activities. Each workshop also includes resources and referrals points for additional information relevant to the topic.

Whilst sessions are delivered in English, translators for the dominant language group may be arranged with advance notice. Each Settle Smart session focuses on one of the below subjects and runs for 45 mins – 1 hr.

Workshop overviews


  • Social networking services – the good and the bad
  • Privacy settings and protecting information
  • Digital reputation & footprints
  • Cyberbullying – definition, effects and solutions
  • (Optional content: Sexting)

Education Pathways

  • Primary & Secondary Schools, including English Language Schools
  • TAFE
  • University
  • Apprenticeships & Traineeships
  • Income support – what’s available
  • Careers advice – where to get it

Employment Rights

  • Legal age of employment
  • Your rights at work
  • Safety at work
  • Minimum wage
  • Centrelink
  • Paying taxes
  • Superannuation

Employment Skills

  • Job application requirements (cover letter, resumé, online tests, interviews, referees)
  • Resumés – purpose & writing
  • Mock interviews

Mental Health

  • What is “mental health”?
  • Myths about mental health
  • Why is it important?
  • Signs of mental health issues
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Who to talk to about mental health

Racism & Discrimination

  • Defining advocacy
  • Knowing the issues you’re advocating
  • Working with others and using networks
  • Writing letters
  • Advocacy campaigns

Sports: How to Get Involved

  • Sports in Australia
  • Introduction to AFL
  • Benefits of playing sports
  • Volunteering in sport
  • Options for getting involved
  • Costs of playing sport
  • Women in sport


  • What is volunteering?
  • Why volunteer?
  • Experience and skills required…or not!
  • Who needs volunteers?
  • Issues & types of volunteering
  • How to find volunteer opportunities
  • Rights & responsibilities of volunteers

For more information, please contact Tizita Yohannes on (03) 9340 3736.

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