Young people are at the centre of what we do. What we learn from them helps us develop stronger communities, support other service providers and lead positive change at local, state and national levels.



Working with Young People: Support

Our direct support work takes place in a number of settings including schools, sport and recreation centres, TAFEs and community hubs. We use a combination of outreach, one-to-one specialist case management and group work to support and empower young people who are at risk to overcome issues, connect to community and settle well in Australia. We offer them tools, linkages and pathways that support them to overcome a range of barriers including:

  • Understanding the migration system
  • Registering with essential services
  • Accessing health and mental health services
  • Comprehending Australian social systems
  • Accessing education, training and employment pathways
  • Linking into sport and recreation opportunities
  • Dealing with family issues
  • Accessing accommodation and housing support
  • Navigating financial or legal difficulties
  • Accessing material aid.

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Working with Young People: Leadership

We are committed to ensuring young people have every opportunity to have their voice heard, develop skills and lead change in their communities. We use a range of engagement tactics including advisory groups, forums, arts, sports, leadership training and mentoring to build the capacity of young people to become influential in Australian society.

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Working with Services

We foster sector and community partnerships across local government, sports, health, education and employment, justice and settlement sectors to drive the development of more inclusive services for young people. 

Our two Victoria-wide programs My Education and YRIPP assist organisations and institutions to support young people. Both include the recruitment and rtaining of volunteers to appropriately support young people with one program operating in the justice context and the other in the education support area. We also deliver a range of services and resources including trainig and professional development, secondary consultations and resources that equip services with a framework for developing good practice and provide individual workers with greater knowledge and confidence to work with young people.

Working with Researchers

We partner with universities to build our knowledge around young people and the changing world in which they live. This evidence helps us design programs that address contemporary challenges, create appropriate opportunities and develop stronger communities.

Working with Decision Makers

Alongside forming strategic relationships with relevant stakeholders to advance the issues of young people, we produce policy papers and sit on committees in a range of contexts in order to inform and influence policy development.