Our Purpose

To ensure that young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds have every opportunity to succeed in Australia.

Our Values

We Believe diversity is a cornerstone of Australia's success.

We believe respect for everyone's human rights is essential for a fair and equal society.

We believe everyone should be able to feel like they belong and can participate fully.

Our Strategic Vision

Young people from migrant backgrounds are connected, empowered and influential Australians.

Watch our video to see our areas of focus over the next five years.

Strategic Focus Areas

Our plan highlights four key objectives that are supported by a series of action strategies:

My Community
Young people are connected, belong and contribute to their families and communities.

My Journey
Young people are empowered to access opportunities and actively shape their own futures.

My Voice
Young people are understood, accurately represented and influential in Australian society.

Organisational Capability
CMY is the recognised leader and preferred partner in working with young people and shares its knowledge for the befit of all Australians.

Download the full Strategic Plan here.