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Speaker Request Form

All Shout Out speaker requests are administered by the Centre for Multicultural Youth, we will use our knowledge of events and our speakers to find the best possible fit for you. 

All of our speakers are based in Melbourne and can travel within and around the Melbourne area for speaking opportunities.

Whist we will make every possible effort to fulfil your request, the bookings will be ultimately determined by the capacity and availability of the speakers.

Please try to give at least three weeks notice for booking requests. 

Step 1: About you
Step 2: About your speaking opportunity
Please provide as much notice as possible when making a Shout Out speaker request. This time is needed to organise a speaker as well as provide sufficient time for speech writing and preparation.

Please consider making a speaking request at least 3 weeks in advance. This allows time for speech writing and preparation.

Step 3: Your audience

In order to find the best speaker for your event we need to know about your audience.

Step 4: Speaker safety and comfort

The safety of our speakers is paramount. Some of the issues they talk about can be sensitive and can result in challenging behaviour or confronting questions from audience members. 

Step 5: Costs

The aim of Shout Out is to promote the views and perspectives of multicultural young people as worthwhile and valuable to public discussions. As such, we suggest a minimum of $100 payment for the Shout Out speaker to recognise the value they bring to your event as well as cover costs associated with transport and the development of their presentation.

If you do not have a large budget, please consider a gift or certificate of appreciation. The speaker fee can be negotiated with the speaker once they are confirmed.

Step 6: Additional Information
Step 7: Next Steps

Once you submit your request, you should receive an automated email confirming your request has been received.

The Youth Leadership Team at CMY will then endeavour to match a speaker for your event. We may contact you for further information or clarification if needed.

Please note, our staff work part time and need to liaise with a number of young people prior to confirming your booking. However, if you do not hear from CMY within a week of making your request, please contact us on (03) 9340 3700.

Once a speaker has been confirmed, you will receive an email that connects you with the speaker and provides their contact details. It will also ask you to outline:

  • Transport and parking options
  • How to access the venue
  • Who will be the contact person on the day and their contact number
  • Technical equipment including audio visual

From here, you will be able to liaise directly with the speaker regarding any changes to or cancellation of your event.  

If your event is cancelled for any reason, please advise both the speaker and CMY with as much notice as possible.

If a booked speaker needs to cancel, they will inform you as soon as possible and CMY will aim to find a replacement.  



1. Shout Out is administered by the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) a Victorian not-for-profit organisation supporting young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to build better lives in Australia. CMY will endeavour to find the most appropriate speaker for your event but does not guarantee the quality of the service.

2. The views and opinions expressed by Shout Out speakers are not necessarily those of CMY.

3. Fees are negotiated between the booker and the speaker.

4. CMY is committed to protecting your privacy, read our policy here.

5. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions as outlined above.